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M.S.A.D. #29
Serving the towns of Houlton, Hammond, Littleton, and Monticello
in Southern Aroostook County, Northern Maine
Serving the towns of Houlton, Hammond, Littleton, and Monticello in Southern Aroostook County, Northern Maine

Marty Bouchard

Assistant Principal - Dawn Matthews

Junior High Staff
Grade 7 Team
Grade 8 Team
Kathryn Wright - Science
Robert Richardson - Science
Jody Peabody - Social Studies
Sandra McGary - Social Studies
Karen Bouchard - English
LaDericka Sewell - English
Melissa Goodwin - Mathematics
Darlene Korhonen - Mathematics
Mickey Chernesky - Reading
Chelsey Weeks - Reading
Renda Elmore - Mathematics
Renda Elmore - Mathematics
Anne Kreyssig - Reading
Anne Kreyssig - Reading
Kristin Supa - Alternative Ed.
Kristin Supa - Alternative Ed.
Senior High Staff
Social Studies
Kathy Chase
James Castner
DeWayne Morse 
Heather Fagnant
Michelle Sullivan
Rob Kinens
Traci Storti -Chairperson
Timothy Tweedie - Chairperson

Wendy Lewis - Chairperson
Jean Maunder - Chairperson
Craig Fournier
Michael Hannigan
Jeremy Sjoberg
Beth Dee
Michael Kenney
Jessica Shrader
Lynn Brown
Jessica Shrader
Reginald Corey
Shelly Bouchard - Chairperson
Joseph Fagnant-Senior High Band
Shawn Snell 
Kevin Mania-Instrumental Music
Jason Anderson -Vocal Music

Unified Arts
Special Services
Bonita Tidd - Visual Arts
- JH Res. Room
Fred Pelletier-7 - 12 Woodworking
Renae Foley - JH Resource Room
Roderick King-Metal Technology
Julie Dunn-Resource Room 9 -12
Penny Richardson-Home Ec.
Sonja Burleigh-Resource Room 7-12
Bruce Nason-Physical Education
Ellen Anderstrom - R. Room 9-12
Todd Willard-Physical Education

Computer Technology
Kevin Kimball - Systems Manager
Betty Fraser - Librarian
Carmen McGuire - MLTI & Beacon  
Martha Barry - JH Technology Ed.

Jobs for Maine Graduates
Academic Learning Center
Dee Butler
Sonja Nesbitt 

Guidance Counselors
School Nurse
Hollie McPartland - Grades 7 - 12
Holly Hodgkins
Sue Pierce - Grades 7 - 12

Secretarial Staff
Food Services
Pamela Mailman - Administrative
Joyce Smith - Supervisor
Laurie Boutilier - Guidance
Karen Carmichael 
Sue Crovo - Guidance
Nancy Barton
Andrea Newman - Administrative
Becky Merrill
Linda Nickerson
Shannon Prosser
Mary McGillicuddy

Dale Clark - Larry Parks
Dale Swimm
Clifford Redman
Larry Parks
Steven Codrey  
Paul Prosser
John White
Ervin Clark
Jarret Russell

Ted Peterson

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